The campaign against foreign military bases has begun

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Press release 13.11.23 (translated from Finnish)

The Finnish-US military cooperation agreement (DCA) is before the government and will shortly go to the Parliament. Approval of the agreement may not be a foregone conclusion, as a broad popular movement is rising up against it. The movement does not believe that the DCA and US military bases will increase security. On the contrary, they will undermine it: the tension between the two nuclear powers [USA and Russia] would increase. The agreement is also seen as undermining Finland’s sovereignty. Our authorities would not be able to inspect the operation of the bases and Finnish law would not apply to them or to their troops.

A citizens’ petition calling for the rejection of the agreement has started collecting names. It has already been signed by a number of prominent Finns, including the writer Rosa Liksom, the director Aki Kaurismäki, Professor Heikki Patomäki, Professor Juhani Suomi and journalist Outi Popp. Anyone can sign it at:

The campaign against foreign military bases has so far been joined by ten peace organisations and action groups: Finnish Peace Committee, Finnish Peace Union, The Committee of 100,League of Conscientious Objectors, PAND – Artists for Peace, Women for Peace, Peace Group 2022, WILPF Finland, Helsinki Peace Action Group and Rauhanväki.

The campaign aims to disseminate information on the DCA to as many Finns as possible about problems related to the DCA. It has published a four-page free distribution magazine, which is also published as an annex to Voima magazine. The campaign magazine is published by the Peace Committee and the Peace Union.

Information about the dangers of foreign military bases is also available on the internet. To this end, the campaign has launched the website

A wide range of events will also be organised in connection with the campaign. Helsinki Peace Action Group, Rauhanväki and the Conscientious Objectors’ Association are organising a demonstration in Helsinki on 25.11.23. It will start at 13:00 in Helsinki’s Senate Square.

The international peace movement has also reacted. A collection of signatures from all over the world on a petition to the Finnish, Swedish and Danish MPs asking them to reject the DCA agreements has been startedt. The Signatories note that the planned US bases near St. Petersburg and the Kola military zones would inevitably increase tensions between the two nuclear powers, thus increasing the risk of nuclear war. The petition and signatures are up at World Beyond War.